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The organisation

Since August 2002 the Roparun organisation has consisted of two foundations: Roparun Events Foundation and Roparun Palliative Care Foundation. The foundations are separate; each conducts its own accounting and they also have different bank accounts for instance.

Because of the division, the cash flows are clear: money intended for organising the event and money intended for the causes. Should something happen due to circumstances at the Roparun Events Foundation, this will never have any effect on the money reserved for the causes in the Roparun Palliative Care Foundation, or on the agreements that have been made with various partners. The separation also guarantees that regardless of what happens, everything intended for the causes reaches the causes.

Each foundation has its own board; these boards are as follows:


Board of the Roparun Palliative Care Foundation

Board of the Roparun Events Foundation

Auke de BoerChairPeter DennigVice-chair
Stephanie ter BorgTreasurerJudith SomersSecretary
Monique KempffSecretaryIrma KenterTreasurer
Marja BerendsGeneral Board MemberJan de VuijstGeneral Board Member

SBF Code of Good Management

The Roparun Foundation subscribes to the SBF Code of Good Management. The SBF Code of Good Management embodies the ambition of the Samenwerkende Brancheorganisaties Filantropie (SBF, Associated Philanthropic Branch Organisations) to create a new, uniform standard for good management in philanthropic institutions. Read more here.


Roparun Foundation Advisory Board

The Roparun Foundation Advisory Board consists of:

Wilbert Louwers, notary inWestland Partners N.V. in Naaldwijk and Wateringen
Jos van der VegtManaging director of Ahoy Rotterdam

Roparun Foundation employees

All the activities of the Roparun Foundation are coordinated from the offices in Schiedam by a motivated team of five employees and one manager. The Roparun Foundation has its own remuneration policy for employees.

Theo QuaijtaalInterim Manager
Jolanda van der VeldePalliative Care Project Applications and Administration
Karin OeleFinancial
Jitske KeegelCommunications Coordinator
Max van de VenCommunications
Francisca OlsthoornGeneral business


There are also more than 450 volunteers who work for the Foundation around the country. Fifty of them are busy all year organising the event; the other volunteers are called upon mainly during the event. Would you like to know more about our volunteers or becoming a volunteer? Click here.