Participant information

Are you taking part in the Roparun? Be sure that you’re aware of the information below!

Download general information on the Roparun 2018 here.

Roparun regulations

The 2018 regulations are now being developed. Curious? Then take a look here at the 2017 Roparun regulations. You can download the 2018 regulations and accompanying appendices in due time below:

Appendix 1
Paris 2018 route V1
Hamburg 2018 route V1
Appendix 2
Paris closure declarations, waste disposal areas and off-limits areas
Hamburg closure declarations, waste disposal areas and off-limits areas
Appendix 3
Paris starting list
Hamburg starting list
Appendix 4
Opening hours of Paris checkpoints
Opening hours of Hamburg checkpoints


Team meetings

In preparation for Roparun 2018, three team meetings will be held in the Nieuwe Luxor Theater in Rotterdam.

The team meetings take place on the dates below:

  • Team meeting 1: Saturday 11 November 2017
  • Team meeting 2: Saturday 10 February 2018
  • Team meeting 3: Saturday 28 April 2018

You’ll find more information on accessibility and parking at the Nieuwe Luxor Theater here.

Final Evening

Every year the Roparun concludes with the Final Evening in Alcazar Events in Puttershoek. On this festive evening the total proceeds of the Roparun are announced. Admission tickets for participants can be bought at the Roparun offices in Schiedam.

The Roparun 2018 Final Evening is taking place on Friday 8 June. The hall opens at 6 pm and the programme starts at 8 pm. The venue for the final evening is:

Alcazar Events
Groeneweg 16
3297 LA Puttershoek

Provision of team data

Team captains can enter all the team data on the special website This data isused for display on the donation module, and during the event the information is used by the ACT (General Team Coordination).  Download the instructions for entering Roparun 2017 team data here.

Setting up a Foundation

It is not mandatory to set up a foundation to participate in the Roparun. However, we often get questions from participating teams on how they can set up a foundation. Our notary Westland Partners N.V. of Naaldwijk has a great deal of experience in this. For more information on setting up a foundation and the contact details of our notary download this file on setting up a foundation.