And the 2017 Roparunner Cities are…

06-10-2017 om 23:35 uur

Roparun organised its annual Causes Evening on Friday 6 October. Which places may proudly bear the title ‘Roparunner City’ this year?

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Opening Werner und Michael Otto Universitätskinderklinik

14-09-2017 om 15:25 uur

The Roparun Foundation doesn’t just support causes in the Netherlands. See a fine example of a cause in Germany here.

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2017 Roparun Children’s Day

04-09-2017 om 11:34 uur

Yesterday we held the annual Roparun Children’s Day again!

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Roparun bungalows

03-08-2017 om 10:36 uur

During the summer holiday the Roparun holiday bungalows are put to good use, where cancer patients and their family members can stay for a week free of charge.

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