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Sponsor Roparun

Organising an event like Roparun costs a great deal of money. Some of the costs are covered by the registration money from the teams, but this is not nearly enough. So the organisation is constantly searching for partners who want to support the organisation, in terms of both money and goods and services. It goes without saying that a consideration is provided for all support provided. Take a look at our sponsor packages here.

Want to know more? Contact the Roparun Foundation via info@roparun.nl or on telephone number 010-4341165.

Our partners for 2018:

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Roparun Friends

Want to support the Roparun event as a private individual? You can do it as a ‘Roparun Friend’ for only 60.50 euros annually (incl. VAT). Download the registration form here.
‘Roparun Friends’ receive an annual invoice; cancellation is possible at any time by sending an e-mail to info@roparun.nl.
Roparun Friends in 2018: